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Psychological Testing In

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

There are many proven and practical ways to assess individuals and determine which issues they may be confronting in their lives. These are psychological tests that delve into a person’s mindset and the factors the assessment is designed to reveal and bring to light. Dr. Cipriani offers testing that is effective in examining a patient and drawing out accurate and relevant results. She uses the information gathered from these tests to determine the best course of treatment.

In addition to providing therapy to individuals, couples, and groups, she also conducts psychological testing in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, and evaluation for individuals. She also provides mental health services to businesses and organizations. Whether you are hiring new candidates to fill positions at your company, debriefing after a major project, or experiencing a crisis and are in need of support, Dr. Cipriani can provide the necessary help to ensure your organization runs smoothly. 

Therapies for Various Conditions

Dr. Cipriani’s services encompass testing and specific types of directed therapies for patients. These include rational emotive therapy as well as depression treatments. She uses these procedures to help patients achieve their mental health goals by overcoming the challenges that have been set in their way. Depression is one of the common disorders that Dr. Cipriani helps patients with by providing therapy and treatment in a caring, supportive, and compassionate manner.

Practitioners use rational emotive therapy to help patients identify any irrational beliefs or negative thought patterns they are having. It works to determine how these issues can lead to behavioral or emotional problems. This action-oriented approach focuses on dealing with negative beliefs and thoughts by recognizing them and showing how they are inaccurate.